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Explain some code based on the syntax provided
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function HelloWorld(text){
   let text || "Hello World";
Use AI to explain code
What does this code do?
The following code does:
  • The code is a function definition.
  • It defines a new function called `HelloWorld` that takes a single argument called `text`
  • Prints out the value of `text` if it is defined, or `Hello World` if it is not defined.
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Start enhancing a range of tasks using AI, from writing emails, code, or blogs, to rephrasing paragraph’s you just want to reword!

Document Writer with AI

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How do the AI tools work?

You might wonder how can AI assist you in daily activities. In many ways. Do you need something explained, or generated. See examples below!

Coding Tools

No longer have trouble with code you can't debug. Try the code fixer before you jump onto StackOverflow.
  • Fix coding issues like typos, missing closures, etc
  • Explain functions or syntax and how it works
  • Clean code that could be simplified or rewritten
  • Refactor programming functions to new standards
  • Create regular expressions that hard to code
  • Change languages from JavaScript to Python
  • Coming Soon: Write Code for me
  • Coming Soon: Get commands for bash, git or docker

Writing Tools

Improve your own written content, with a number of content tools that allows you to do better copywriting, blogs and content.
  • Grammar corrections fixing spelling, commas, etc
  • Rephrase sentences in different tones or language
  • Shorten long unwieldy paragraphs or sentences
  • Lengthen a short sentence with extra depth
  • Introduction to a blog or article quick and easy
  • Outlines like a listical to make writing content better.
  • Coming Soon: Enhance beta document writer

All the Tools

Every week we are expanding the tools available to assist you. From Job Ad generation to helping you generate YouTube Titles, there will be tools for all.
  • Extract To-do tasks from an email or document
  • Raise Questions people might ask about a document
  • Explain something complicated like I'm 5 years old
  • Summarise the key points from a document
  • YouTube titles generated based on your topic
  • YouTube tags you should use for your topic
  • YouTube description or intro for your video
  • YouTube script outline in point form
  • YouTube comment respond quick and easy
  • Coming Soon: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Ads
  • Coming Soon: Suggest your own!

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